There are several causes of being tied up in our soul: Words, works of the flesh, unforgiveness, written ordinances, curses, soul ties, oaths, vows, etc. But there is hope - YOU CAN BREAK UNGODLY SOUL-TIES!

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Soul Ties

What is a "Soul-tie?

A soul-tie is a cleaving together, a relationship whereby two souls are “joined” or “knitted together” and in a sense become as one. This is not relegated to marriage only. Jonathan and David would be an example of a soul tie. In scripture, the word “cleave” means: “to knit together, bound up, or to cleave (i.e) cling, adhere & stick together.” So, in essence, to be linked to another person by means of a “soul-tie” is to cling or to be closely attached to that person, as if stuck or glued to them, or perhaps to be lovingly devoted.

A soul tie is a means whereby a person is brought into a relationship and becomes one.. (it can be 1 flesh / 1 mind / & or 1 soul) with another human being. The word “tie” is defined as : “to attach, bind, fasten, a bond of kinship or affection, as to unite in marriage.” But it also carries another connotation: “To restrain from independence or freedom of action or choice: constrain by, or as if by authority, influence, agreement or obligation.”  

Soul-ties exist because God wanted close godly bonds between His people. They were intended for man’s best interest as part of the design of God to provide a healthy, nurturing two-way flow of love. However, the enemy comes to corrupt and pervert that which God designed as pure in order to steer those bound together by “his yoke” into greater darkness & disorder.

All human soul-ties must be counterbalanced by a love for Jesus! Matthew 10:37, “He that loveth father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me” (KJV).

We have to ask ourselves: Why though? How do ungodly soul ties get in our life? Ungodly soul ties are birthed when you enter a wrong “agreement” with someone else. Wrong agreements range all the way from soulish prayers prayed together with others to wrong agreements, to fornication, to violent crime, and many other examples…

They are transactions…

Here are some signs of an ungodly soul tie:
An ungodly soul tie produces irrational thinking, not capable of reasoning, having lost mental clarity, illogical. They can cause a person to evaluate themselves and others according to previous context. An ungodly soul tie causes a person to shut down emotionally. They produce an unhealthy, unnatural desire or attraction to people, places and things, even to the person’s detriment. They can cause a lack of judgement and discernment. An ungodly soul tie produces the inability to establish and maintain proper adult relationships… 

You can break every ungodly soul tie hindering you and your family!

The keys of binding and loosing were our means of coming into agreement with already established heavenly purposes. You are praying the established will in heaven to be manifested in earth! As the children of God, we can bind our will to the will of God, our minds to the mind of Christ and ourselves to the Truth of His Word. 


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For 2019

Everything you will ever need, in time & eternity, whether spiritual or physical, financial or material, emotional or relational, has been provided by one perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ! At the cross an exchange took place. Divinely ordained by God.

The Greek word “sozo,” means to save; to be physically healed; to be delivered / rescued; to recover, … from fatalities; ongoing preservation and protection. There is more to your salvation than simply “going to heaven.” I reference the blessing of Abraham (Gen 24:1) “The Lord had blessed Abraham in all things..” God’s blessing covered every area of Abraham’s life. The blessing comes only in Christ Jesus. It cannot be earned by out own merits. It is offered solely on the basis of our relationship to God through Jesus Christ. But the blessing is like a present that is beautifully wrapped,  

sitting there for you, but if you never open it you never get the benefits of what is inside!

God declares in Deuteronomy 30:19, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; and, therefore choose life (exercise your authority) that both thou and thy seed may live.” This is the provision we should focus on: “The exchange from curse to blessing.” He reminded them, “This choice not only affects your life, but also the descendants that follow you.

Generational curses are cycles:

Ask yourself if you are affected by a GENERATIONAL CURSE?

Have you had a pattern of constant failure?

Have a history of untimely deaths & suicides or a large number of people who have died prematurely?

Do you exhibit a high level of anger? Wrath?

Do you have a high record of accidents or accidents that are unusual in nature?

Do you have a history of abuse such as physical, emotional, or sexual?

Do you have a history of chronic illness – disease? A history of mental illness that may have progressed through generations?

Do you exhibit any of these personality behaviors: high-control; manipulation, addiction, co-dependency, depression, unforgiveness, addictions, or social isolation?

There is freedom from these and many other issues. You can Stop the cycle of suffering generational curses and you can move into reaping the generational blessings available to you!

Curses produce bad and harmful results. Blessings produce good, beneficial results. Curses enable us to fail. Blessings enable us to succeed; mentioned 640 times in the Bible. They are not limited to the individual, but extend to families, tribes, communities or whole nations. Once released, they continue from generation-to-generation, until something happens to cancel their effects.

You can shift from generational curses to generational blessings!