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One of the most important things in God’s perfect plan for you, me, and His Kingdom is relationship. Relationship is the “currency” of the Kingdom. It is required. You may hear me say things like, “when God wants to bless you, He sends a person… when the enemy wants to hurt you, he sends a person…” Being able, through relationship, to be used by God to bring hope to the hurting, transform those that are not walking in their God-given purpose, those that need Christ, heal hearts and win souls.

Relationship is essential. And the most effective way for doing ministry is partnering together. Partnership in ministry is a catchy name for us “in covenant, working together”. Paula White Ministries being the hands and feet spreading the love of God around the world, feeding and clothing those in need, sharing the Gospel of Jesus, making a difference and uniting people to take back our country for God. And then the essential part: you, by supporting the ministry. Without your covenant partnership support we would not be able to make that impact. Each requires the other… Covenant Partnership. 

When you decide to partner with us you can select what tier of partnership you want to dedicate yourself to. Selecting what amount you want to give regularly, you will receive a monthly newsletter and message as a love gift from Pastor Paula to you. You will receive discounts on resources, special partner incentives, exclusive access and event options, and more. If you select a certain tier you will receive a monthly message series by mail and another tier includes one of Pastor Paula's Covenant Living Bibles.

By setting up a reoccurring monthly gift to Paula White Ministries, you will automatically be enrolled into one of our Partnership Programs . 

Select below the level of Partnership God has commissioned you to pledge to Paula White Ministries....

Paula White Ministries - Covenant Partnership Certificate
Covenant Partnership

For your continued generous ministry support, you will receive an ongoing monthly newsletter update, and monthly single message.

Paula White Ministries - Life Transformer Partnership Certificate
Life Transformer Partnership

For your continued generous ministry support, you will receive all the benefits of Covenant Partnership PLUS, featured new series.

Paula White Ministries - Pillar Partnership Certificate
Pillar Partnership

For your continued generous ministry support, you will receive  the monthy benefits of the Life Transformer Partnership, PLUS  Paula's Covenant Bible.

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