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Paula White Ministries - M25 Mobile Food Pantry Ministry
Paula White Ministries

Mobile Food Pantry Ministry (M25)

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Pastor Paula's new "M-25" Outreach, the "Mobile Food Pantry Ministry" adheres to Matthew 25:40, where Jesus amonishes us " Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." As such, Paula White Ministries' weekly M25 Mobile Food Pantry outreach distributes over 600,000 pounds of food annually.

On a monthly basis Paula White Ministries' "M25 Project" distributes an average of 22,000 pounds of food with the help of approximately 80 volunteers serving about 500 families (equivalent of 2,200 people) in desperate need with and average of 120 new families (over the course of the month's food giveaways) that are being served.

Paula White Ministries

Lifeboat Project Ministry
(Human Trafficking) 

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Paula White Ministries is dedicated in its support of The Lifeboat Project  whose sole purpose is to prevent human sex and labor trafficking, not only within our local community, but on a global reach that includes worldwide efforts to combat this horrendous practice affecting millions of defenseless children of God. It is the responsibility of every Christian who becomes aware of this practice to do what they can to prevent the further spread of this high level of insidious and illegal human slavery.

To be quite succinct, the ultimate goal of PWM with NDCC is from victim to survivor, to ultimately become a true thriver through close survivor mentorship and intensive post-traumatic stress counseling by Christian professional dedicated tothis project. Can you help defend those who cannot currently defend themselves? Can you help today? Some of these innocents that are enslaved may not have the luxury of a tomorrow...

Pastor Paula's Cause - The Lifeboat Project:

U.S. Department of State - ACTION ALERT
(Human Sex & Labor Trafficking):

U.S. Department of State - FACT SHEET
(Human Sex & Labor Trafficking):

Paula White MInistries - Lifeboat Project Human Trafficking Ministry
Paula White Ministries - Jail and Prison Inmate Ministry
Paula White Ministries

Jail & Prison Inmate Ministry

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Pastor Paula Ministries is commissioned to enter jails, prisons, and work release facilities to preach, teach, and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to men, women and juveniles whose lives have been bound by crime, sin, and bad choices.

Pastor Paula's ultimate goal is to provide post-release care to ex-offenders in readjusting back into society and productive citizenship through teaching the Word of God, mentoring, life skill classes, transitional housing, personal development, and support groups.

To provide a key example of PWM's prison outreach, volunteers, on recent visits to Florida's Lowell Correctional Facility , held 2 church services for a total of 658 inmates, with 35 answering the call to savation for the first time and 105 rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ.

Prisons and Jails PWM serves:
- Lowell Correctional Institution
- Coleman Correctional Institution
- DeSoto Correctional Institution
- Gadsden Correctional Institution
- Homestead Correctional Institution
- Orange County Jail Work Release & Base Camp