This spirit has multiple heads!

Do you find your words getting twisted? Do you feel like there is constant demonic accusation against you? Are you losing focus or suffering fatigue? Do you have important relationships in your life that always seem to be dividing? Well, there is probably more going on than what you realize!! You need to read this…

You have possibly encountered a Spirit the Bible calls Leviathan, “The Twisting Serpent”. It is a spiritual attack- a creature with the form of a sea serpent referenced many times in the Bible in Job, Psalms, and Isaiah. It is called, “a torturous serpent” with “multiple heads”.

I believe your eyes are going to be open, the veil is going to be removed. I felt strongly I was to reach out to my friend Dr. Lance Wallnau just a few days ago… Dr. Wallnau is a strategist, futurist and compelling communicator who has shared platforms with Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo and best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell. He has conducted training for the United Nations and spoken at Harvard, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and London School of Theology. And, I believe, God has given him keen insight into what we are experiencing as believers and as a nation.

I didn't know why exactly God was leading me to reach out to Dr. Wallnau, I just felt this prophetic urgency concerning “spiritual attacks” on those close to me “in my tribe”. But The Lord confirmed it because we have a prophetic word for you to get you out of the place the enemy wants to keep you bound in. It is time to get you out of this place of pressure surrounding you… these attacks from multiple directions will be dealt with! The attack causing division or strife will be dealt with, IF you get the knowledge and guidance to deal with it!!

We have teamed up on the topic of Spiritual Warfare to bring you out of the grip of the enemy and into where God wants you to be, freed from no ordinary spirit, the spirit the Bible calls Leviathan!!

There's a natural realm. There's a spiritual realm. They both are affecting you, you are either walking in the enemy's plan, God's plan, or your plan… God’s agenda, the enemy's agenda, and your agenda are all in operation. Now which one you're walking out is really dependent upon your knowledge and your decisions.

People often think the strongman which the Bible talks about is Satan. Jesus says, “how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man?” (Matthew 12). But Ephesians 6:12 says we're not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, wickedness and darkness.

Most people are victims to principalities, a strongman, and they are not trained to deal with it specifically, but it's influencing their life and you have to understand that a principality is a strongman. They rule nations, they go after governments, they have names in the Bible.

There's a specific one we're going to deal with that is probably interfering in your everyday life. And we want to help you overcome that through the Word of God, through the sacrificial blood atonement and covenant that Jesus made so that you really recognize what's happening. They are mentioned throughout the Bible and they carry out different functions because remember, there is a satanic kingdom, the kingdom of darkness, and there is God's kingdom, the kingdom of light. Two of the greatest “strongmen” operating right now against the body of Christ are the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of Leviathan.

Maybe you are saying, “but Paula I don't know anything about this, this is too much… I don't want deal with this…” Remember, the Bible says in Hosea, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Most people, even Christians, struggle becoming aware and gaining victory over the enemy’s devices. And so when they manifest in human beings we don't realize that when we're fighting with people who are fighting with us, our battle isn't against the people.

We have to understand there are people that are after you, they’re under a demonic influence…

So now when we talk about Jezebel or about Leviathan, or Pollyanna, these are spiritual forces that have certain characteristics and it helps us somehow to be able to get a handle on the fact that this is a spirit and not my husband or my wife, or my boss. And that's what I want to point out in this instruction.

Leviathan is mentioned several times in the Bible, specifically in Psalms 74:13-14, where King David declared of God: “It was you who split open the sea by your power; you broke the heads of the monster in the waters. It was you who crushed the HEADS of Leviathan and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert.”

What is that talking about? Clearly, this spirit has multiple heads. This spirit will come at you from multiple direction. When you are under attack by this, multiple people will be having strife with you. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

It’ll could be in your house, it may be at your work, anywhere… And you'll begin to wonder what's wrong with you and everything you seem to say, gets twisted, and that's the nature of this.

The “twisting, coiling serpent” is what it's called in Isaiah 27, “In that day, the Lord will punish with his sword— his fierce, great and powerful sword— Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea.”

…it twists the words that come out of your mouth. The Psalmist said, “Every time I open my mouth, they twist everything I say to them,” Reads like today’s headlines!

This spirit wants to not only twist the world around us, but I believe that spirit wants to twist our relationship with who we really are and our identity. And that's the ultimate target is if that spirit can get you to disconnect. Our identity is so important, which is the essence of your nature, who you are in Christ, and if you don't know your identity in Christ, you’ll never fulfill your destiny.

Remember, in the book of Exodus, God’s children the Israelites were in transition out of the range of Pharaoh, that they were heading toward the possession of their promise, they were moving towards it. That's where they encountered this spirit in the sea. It was when the children of Israel came out the other side of the wilderness that they finally graduated from another long delay in destiny, that the Lord said, you're ready. Now it's time to cross over. Now the report comes back and says we can't do it. And that discouragement causes a contagion and one generation can miss destiny because this spirit isn't dealt with decisively.

We have the tools you need for dealing with it!!

Likely many of the people that are coming against you, causing strife, they’re good people, but they're influenced by this spirit. Some of the Israelites said, “We be as grasshoppers in our own site,” and it spread to all the people, and an entire generation dies off. Except for two people who had a different kind of spirit.

I believe you have a different kind of spirit, a spirit to conquer for your family, a spirit to break generational curses, a spirit to turn your marriage around, to fix your family, a spirit that is going to turn that company and business around, a spirit that can turn this nation around. You must identify the spiritual warfare you may be encountering so that you do not have destruction, strife and division in your relationships. So no matter what is being twisted about you, you're still going to stand in the place of prominence and promise in the name of Jesus. 

I feel by the Spirit of God that If you want a divine reward, a spiritual breakthough, you must follow a divine instruction. If you are needing a release from the demonic attack against you, if you’re experiencing contention, confusion, strife in any area of your life, I believe as a sign of agreement, you are to sow a $74 Breakthrough Seed!

The number 74 is significant prophetically for Psalm 74- “you (God) broke the heads of the monster in the waters. It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan”. 

Let this seed be a declaration of faith that God will fight for you!! Let every attack against you from “multiple heads” be destroyed in the name of Jesus! Let accusations be silenced NOW!

I feel an urgency in this- especially at this time of the year. This is for those that hear God, that have ears to hear and eyes to see. Do not delay!!

Dr. Wallnau and I have crucial resources we will rush to you when we receive your response. The battle for your mind will intensify in the days ahead, but you can find victory. You have to quickly learn how to detect this spirit coming against you. I HAVE TO GET TO YOU THE POWERFUL SERIES, “LEVIATHAN” by DR. LANCE WALLNAU.

I will also send to you my “Prayer Glory” 4-Disc series, 65 powerful prayers I personally prayed over from career to children, courage to comfort, with music played by my husband Jonathan Cain, for complete breakthrough against whatever you are facing! God is about to do miracle breakthroughs by faith!

-Love your servant